3 baby sleep tips for summer 2020

3 Baby Sleep Tips for Summer 2020

Summer 2020 is here and it’s going to be a warm one! I am so ready for beach trips, catch ups with friends in the park and some much needed festive fun. Whilst it’s a wonderful time of the year, a whole new season brings a whole new range of sleep obstacles and complications for babies and young children. Are you prepared with a summer sleep plan for your little ones? Here are my top 3 baby sleep tips for summer 2020 but feel free to reach out if you need a little extra help settling into a routine in this new season.

Summer Sleep Tip 1

Utilise a white noise machine

With summer comes get togethers, catch ups, parties and gatherings! All fun, all cause for celebration, all noisy. Yep, your neighbours are likely going to be hosting friends and family who may end up getting a little rowdy throughout all hours of the night and day. Maybe you’re planning on hosting a gathering yourself? Playing some kind of white noise for your little ones at bedtime can help draw their focus from what’s happening outside the room. I tend to use natural noises like ocean or rainforest sounds, but there are quite a few different options to choose from. It all depends on what works for your bub. Remember, it’s always important to keep the white noise to a soft level to avoid any damage to baby’s hearing.

Summer Sleep Tip 2

Keep an eye out for allergies

Ugh, if you suffer from hay fever, you know what I’m talking about. Spring may be the worst of the seasons for allergy sufferers, but summer is right up there too! Your little ones will find it difficult to sleep with a blocked nose so it’s wise to keep your eyes open for clues that they may be suffering from allergies or hay fever. Sniffly noses, irritated eyes, scratchy throats, rashes – these are all signs that can point towards a child that’s having hay fever issues. Take them to your family doctor and find out what they recommend before purchasing any products if you notice your little one reacting to allergens throughout the summer. It’s always best to get medical advice on these things, especially with babies and toddlers.

Summer Sleep Tip 3

Use limited or lighter bedding

This one’s a bit of a no brainer, but it’s definitely a good idea to adjust your child’s bedding according to the temperature. Whether that means investing in sheets made of lighter, breathable materials or simply doing away with sheets and doonas altogether, try to take your little one’s preferences into consideration. They may not like sleeping without something covering them. They may not even want to wear pyjamas. There’s no right way, as long as they’re comfortable and cool.

I wish you all the best with your babies this summer season. Sleep sweetly and deeply, my dears x

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