3 Teething Tips to Help Avoid Sleepless Nights

Teething. Ugh. Just hearing the word can make any parent cringe. It can mean stress filled days, avoiding public outings for fear of baby deafening anyone in a 15km radius with their cries and horrible sleepless nights.

It’s horrible for us, but just think how horrible it must be for a little tiny human being who hasn’t yet learned how basic human anatomy works. They don’t know that it’ll all be over soon. It must be super scary for them, right?

So how can you help your baby get a good night’s sleep while teething? I can’t guarantee that these 3 teething tips are going to be your absolute saving grace to maintaining a solid sleeping pattern while baby is teething, however, they are all tactics that I put to use while my little ones were teething and they yielded fantastic results. Why not give them a try yourself?

Pain relief medication

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer and is one option that a lot of parents jump to immediately when faced with teething troubles. Given that, it’s very important to choose the right pain relief medication for your baby. Some babies respond better to gels, others respond better to ingestible liquids. Personally, I prefer a natural pain relief option, but I would suggest baby-safe Panadol if it seems like natural options aren’t proving helpful.

The most important thing when using pain relief medication is to respect the correct dosage! Do not give your child any more than the recommended amount.

Teething rings

Teething rings and other natural pain relief options such as using a sterile finger to massage the gums or dabbing the gums with a small amount of store-bought chamomile tea can work wonders for helping with teething issues and promoting sleep time success!

If using chamomile tea, it’s important to ensure that the tea is caffeine free and not directly taken from the garden (to avoid any risk of botulism).

Consistency is key!

Arguably the most important thing to do while baby is teething is to stick with your existing sleep schedule. Letting those sleep skills tumble during teething time is going to affect baby’s sleep mindset drastically. It’s important to keep the same standards to avoid falling into a bad sleep pattern that will likely continue long after baby has a full set of pearly whites.

I hope these 3 teething tips come in handy if you’re finding that your baby won’t sleep while teething. Do you know someone who is dealing with the terrible teething stage, right now? Share this article with them to help them confront teething head on – you never know, this might just be the information that saves them A LOT of sleepless nights. Implementing these tips could be the first step towards helping baby (and parents) get a good night’s sleep while teething is in the mix.

You can always reach out to us if you find yourself (or a friend) needing assistance getting through those sleepless nights that come with a new baby. You don’t have to do this alone. Sometimes the best thing to do is call in the professionals before the situation gets too overwhelming – that’s where we come in.

As always, Sleep Sweet and Sleep Deep!

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