Newborn needs sleep training and baby having trouble sleeping

We have all been there, the moment of Sleep Deprevation hits you like a ton of bricks. For me, it was when my son was 11 weeks old, we hadn’t slept properly for weeks and everything was becoming hard, housework, daily routine, but most of all relationships… hubby and I who never fight, started sniping at each other. In nearly 10 years together, without a fight, it suddenly became a daily thing. I knew something had to change!
These are the three things that got me through!!!

EXERCISE- when you can get outside, even if it mean a 15 min walk, you will be surprised how much difference that endorphin release will make! Seriously if you managed to change out of your spit up stained clothes and get out of the house! Youre a total hero in my book!

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT- unless you are a crazy food prep person that has stocked their freezer full of 12 weeks of pre packed meals, some where in the haze phase (first 5 months of having a baby at home) you are gonna reach for the quick (sometimes unhealthy) food options, (our local Mexican place new us by name). Try to limit this. It’s super hard when you have just woken for the 3rd time in a space of perhaps 2 hrs and that piece of chocolate is literally the only thing that is getting you through… but it adds up. One of the most common things I hear from new parents is “oh we’ve been eating so much crap since we brought Bub home”. Your body is already struggling to function, try giving it only the best fuel (with dessert ofcourse ;).

REACH OUT- you are not alone, being sleep deprived and sleep deprivation is why I do what I do (+ it’s my passion). Any parent who says they weren’t exhausted and deprived of sleep at all once becoming a parent, is lying to you! I’m calling it! Utilise the help that is out there, get support from family members, join a parent group (nothing boosts morale more than sharing (sleep, or there lack of) war stories with other parents! Shout out to my Yummy Mummies Group, Love you Girls!

And most importantly seek professional help when things get too much!!!
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