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Best Room Temperature for Sleeping Babies

When raising a newborn baby, there are so many things to keep in mind. They’re particularly delicate within their first 6 months so it’s crucial to ensure that extra care and attention is placed on even the smallest of details. One of these details is the temperature of the room in which your baby is sleeping. So, let’s chat about the best room temperature for sleeping babies and how to maintain it.

What is the best room temperature for sleeping babies?

Obviously, you don’t want your baby ending up too warm or too cold throughout the night. If this happens it could lead to baby getting sick or even SIDS. In saying that, there really is no ideal temperature, but aiming for between 21-23 degrees Celsius is your best bet. It’s important to note that babies control their temperature predominantly through their face and head.

How to check whether your baby is too hot or too cold.

If your baby is showing signs of heat stress they may be sweating excessively, very red in the face and extra warm to the touch. If they are too cold, they are likely to be shivering, have a blue shade to their lips and will feel quite cold. In order to check your baby’s temperature, it’s important to feel their tummy or their back rather than their hands and feet. Their hands and feet will likely be cooler than the rest of their body, naturally.

Tips for keeping babies at a safe temperature through the night.

  • Ensure that your little one’s face and head are uncovered throughout the night or even in warm environments while out and about, even if it means waking them up.
  • Dress baby comfortably warm, as you would dress yourself.
  • Never use hot water bottles, electric blankets or heat bags with babies.
  • Always sleep baby on their back.
  • If your baby is sick, do not add more bedclothes or warmth to their bedtime routine. Instead, monitor their temperature and remove a few layers as their body temperature increases.

Babies can’t tell you whether they’re feeling too warm or too cold, so it is super important that we stay vigilant and follow these recommendations in order to ensure a safe night’s sleep for our little ones.

If you need any help at all managing your baby’s sleep pattern, please do get in touch. At Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep, we’re always here to listen and provide advice.

Until next time, sleep sweet and deep!

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