best summer sleepsuits for toddlers

Best Summer Sleepsuits for Toddlers

We’re in the midst of the hottest part of the year so it’s important that we allow our little ones some breathing (and sweating) room when they nod off to sleep. When choosing pyjamas for your toddler, always put safety first. A safe summer sleepsuit must allow your baby to avoid overheating and work to prevent SIDS by being suited to your babe’s body. Today I’m sharing a few of the best summer sleepsuits for toddlers to help your through the rest of summer 2020/2021.

Love to Dream Sleepsuit 0.2 TOG

This Love to Dream sleepsuit is highly versatile due to its clever design. It’s perfect for little ones who are sleeping, playing or on-the-go. For room temperatures between 24°C and 27°C, this 0.2 TOG suit has most Aussie summer nights covered. The 100% cotton fabric is soft and suuuuper breathable so your toddler has a comfortable sleep environment. Feet can be covered for bedtime or uncovered for playtime and they have non-slip soles and a leg length that’s specially sized to help stop them tripping. All in all, this is a wonderful sleepsuit for your little ones and the design is cute as heck too!

love to dream sleepsuit

Visit the Love to Dream site here!

Plum Sleepsuit 0.3 TOG

Suitable for toddlers from 12-36 months, Plum have created a truly divine sleepsuit for little ones. This suit’s cotton design is breathable and perfect for warm summer nights. A double zipper makes getting in and out an easy process and the zips are covered by a chin protector to avoid any discomfort. It comes in a super cute space design that’s perfect for little explorers.

plum sleepsuit

Pick up a Plum sleepsuit for your toddler here!

Ergopouch Sleepsuit Bag 0.3 TOG

Toddlers who are walking and/or transitioning to a big bed will absolutely love this sleepsuit bag from Ergopouch. The double direction zip has saved many a night of trouble. Soft, light fabric feels great on your little one’s skin. Also, it’s perfect for the mild weather we get right here in Australia.

ergopouch sleepsuit

Check out the Ergopouch sleepsuit bag here!

I hope these suggestions help you find the best sleepsuits to get your toddler sleeping sweetly and deeply. Summer can be a bit of a pyjama drama, I know all too well x

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