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Highly recommend Veena, she is beyond amazing at what she does and she is such a beautiful soul that absolutely loves kids!!! 😍 Veena is always so supportive, caring and answers any questions with no judgment ☺️ After having no luck with online programs/routines and recommended wake times for our little 4 month old boy that is very alert and some would say “advanced”, she took the time to get to know him and put together a personalised program and guide to follow as well as helped with the implementation and transitions. We felt so comfortable with her and are incredibly grateful and thankful we engaged with Veena to help with our little boy and he loved her!!! Our little boy is now sleeping much longer and everyone is happier and rested! ♥️♥️



Hardwork Harvey. That’s what family and friends had affectionately named our son. From birth people described him as ‘alert’, ‘active’ and ‘curious’. For us this translated to a baby that found the world so much more stimulating than other babies and was a VERY poor sleeper. Adding reflux and other digestive issues to the combination our family was a sleep deprived mess. At 6 weeks we went to Tresillian. Then again at 4 months. Then at 7 months we contacted a private sleep consultant. Every time we’d make some progress, then a few weeks later Harvey’s sleep would always regress back. It felt like one step forward, two steps back constantly. And it was DEVASTATING. Harvey would cry and cry and cry every time we put him down for a sleep and we were concerned we were building this child who would become a toddler with anxieties around sleep. He was also continuing to wake frequently overnight and we had no consistency with our approach. Fast forward to 9 month old Ha



Veena has been such a wonderful help in getting our 13mo to sleep sweet and sleep deep. Our little boy was great at putting himself to sleep for his nap and at the start of bedtime but he would continually wake throughout the night. After trying many things ourselves, we were out of ideas and both Mum and Bub were exhausted. Veena’s holistic approach was exactly what we needed. When she first entered our home, we immediately felt her warmth and our boy fell in love with her. We all felt so secure and her guidance was spot on. Three weeks on, our boy is sleeping so much better. Sleeps through and self settles when he does wake. I was so impressed by how quickly Veena’s help worked. That first night, everything was already in action. Her approach, although gentle and gradual, worked so effectively for us because she does tailor it to each baby - she has also continued to help us with tips for travel etc. Thank you Veena 😌

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Veena is a sleep WonderWoman!!! We were in a bad, bad, bad place... co-sleeping and I was feeding every hour with our 11 month old beautiful boy. I didn't seek help sooner because I just didn't know there was an alternative to CIO techniques (which I wasn't keen to use) and then I stumbled across Veena 😊 I was nervous about the in-home consultation and nearly cancelled but thank goodness I didn't!!! Our bubba started taking naps in his cot the next day (something he had refused to do previously) and with Veena's guidance (and constant support following her visit) he now regularly sleeps through the night now. Which is heaven!!! We are still working with Veena on getting his nighttime sleep routine to involve less protesting and Veena has been so responsive checking in with us post her visit over a month ago. Cant recommend more highly! Have given her details to lots of other tired Mummas and Papas. Veena not only knows her stuff but is really sweet, kind and didn't suggest anythi



Veena was brilliant at working out what was disturbing my baby’s sleep when I felt I had tried everything! She helped me to put in place a routine that is gentle, effective and perfect for us. We are all sleeping well and I am so grateful for all of her advice and help.


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