It’s here again… the start of Daylight Savings can be a hiccup in your Little One’s sleep routine, good thing is we have the perfect sleep solution for you !!! It’s all about “THE TRADE OFF”.

Simply trade the time in 15 min increments each day until you have traded the hour you will lose!
With the start of Daylight Savings coming this week, it can make things really tricky.
You asked, and we listened, here is our sleep solution for Starting Daylight Savings.

You simply need to trade off in 15 min increments till you have made up the hour you are going to lose.

NIGHT 1 – Tuesday
If your child usually goes to bed at 7pm for example. Tonight push it back 15 minutes earlier to 6:45pm.

DAY 1 – Wednesday
The morning after wake up time 15 minutes earlier, so if it was usually 7am wake up will now be 6:45am. Push any nap time backward by 15 minutes. (So if 1st Nap is at 9:30 make it 9:15 – shift everything by 15 min backward).

NIGHT 2 – Wednesday
At this sleep time push it forward another fifteen minutes (half an hour earlier than the normal 7:00pm) so that sleep time is now at 6:30pm.

DAY 2 – Thursday
Wake up is pushed also another 15 min so it is now (half an hour earlier) 6:30am. All naps should be starting now 30 min earlier.

NIGHT 3 – Thursday
Tonight push sleep time forward another 15 min so sleep time will now be 6:15pm (45 min earlier than normal).

DAY 3 – Friday
Push wake up time backward another 15 min, so it will be 45 min earlier than normal (7:15am). All naps should be pushed backward too another 15 min, (45 min earlier from normal nap time.)

NIGHT 4 – Friday
Push sleep time backward another 15 min. This will mean you have “traded” a full hour that will be lost. Instead of the normal bedtime at 7pm it will be a full hour earlier at 6pm (which once kicks in you will be back on normal time!!!)

DAY 4 – Saturday
Wake up is pushed backward a full hr so it will be 6am wake up now. All naps should be an hr earlier than normal time.

NIGHT 5 – Saturday
Bedtime is at 6pm tonight. Before you go to bed tonight turn clocks forward an hour. When you wake up in the morning your little one will wake at the new normal time of 7am.

Daylight Savings Done and Dusted!

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Good Luck, Sleep Sweet
Veena ✖️✖️
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