We offer Doula/Birth Photography/Sleep Bundles

Yes !!!  you saw right, Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep is expanding to also include birth coaching ➕Doula Services (in Sydney only) aswell as continuing to provide Sleep consultancy (worldwide). ????????. Introducing our sister page @birth_sweet 

Due to the demand for our prenatal sleep bundles this seemed like a natural next step!

 The path to Sweet Sleep really begins prenatal, so why shouldn’t the path to Birth be just as Sweet!! For us it is a match made in heaven!  You will be able to hire us for a full PrenatalSleep/Doula, Doula/Newbie or just Doula Bundle ➕ of course all our amazing Sleep solutions!

So now not only will we be your Sleep fairies, Baby Whisperers and Sleep Experts, we can also be your Birth Advocates, Masseuse and Cheer squad!!!.


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