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End Of Daylight Savings Tips For Baby Sleep 2021

Mums, dads, parents and caregivers of all kinds – I have put together the ultimate end of Daylight Savings tips for baby sleep 2021 cheat sheet! If you’d like a copy in PDF form, get in touch via email and I’ll happily send it across to you so you can stick it up on your fridge or your wall to help keep track of the “trade off”.

What is the trade off?

The trade off is all about taking a few minutes here and there in the lead up to the end of Daylight Savings in order to get your little one ready for the transition. They won’t even realise they’re going to bed and getting up “later” if you start this process now!

It’s simple – you trade off sleep in intervals in the days leading up to the end of DS until you’ve made up the full hour. This gives bub a gradual transition into the end of DS rather than being hit with an hour of confusion and frustration all at once.

Why you should prepare your little one for Daylight Savings ending in advance

You should absolutely start prepping your little one for the end of Daylight Savings using the trade off method because it takes away the shock of suddenly having an hour difference in wake up and sleep times. Babies and young children don’t adjust well to sudden change so being able to refer to the trade off cheat sheet is honestly a godsend.

How does the cheat sheet work?

The cheat sheet maps out exactly what time frames you should be putting your little one to sleep, waking them up and setting naps in the days leading up to daylight savings ending! You can use the cheat sheet on a daily basis to check these times and to keep track of the “trade off” as it can be a little confusing if you don’t have it all written down somewhere, easy to access for bedtime planning.

Again, please email or contact us via direct message on Instagram or Facebook to request a copy of your very own Daylight Savings tips cheat sheet in a printable PDF format. This has saved me so much time, stress and sleep over the years, so I’m so glad to be able to share it with you all! Any questions, let me know.

As always, sleep sweetly and deeply 🙂 x

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