Did you know there are actually food that your little one is eating that could be inhibiting your little one from sleeping through the night.

Now obviously there are the obvious ones like:
➕Coffee and tea (both regular and decaf, as decaf contains some caffeine)
➕Soda (even caffeine-free sodas, as they contain small amounts of caffeine)
➕Chocolate (double-whammy: it contains caffeine and refined sugar!)
➕Sugary beverages and fruit juices
➕Sugary snacks and candy

But then there are some that you wouldn’t think…

➕ Over amounts of protein… so too
Much chicken or such will slow down digestion
➕ Brocolli this can be upsetting to little one’s tummies and cause excess gas, better to give at for lunch or if at dinner a few hrs before sleep time
➕Oats, this can bind to the gut and again will cause upset tummies.

Especially when first starting solids, this is something to keep in mind
Sleep Sweet ??

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