How to Get Kids to Sleep While Out and About

Getting kids to sleep is tough, even at the best of times. Adding the extra factor of being out for dinner or grocery shopping can seem all too impossible. So, how do you make sure you can enjoy your time out of the house with your kids if they’re nearing nap time? Here at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep we’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve. Let’s discuss how to get kids to sleep while out and about!

Car & Pram Sleep Tips

Ok, we all know that some babies and toddlers just do not cooperate when it comes to sleeping in the pram or car. Granted, some do. But they seem to be few and far between. So, how do you tame a fussy toddler or baby when they’re in the car or pram?

The number one tip here is to block anything stimulating from their view. This includes sunlight, people (even you) and anything that may distract them from the task at hand: sleep time. You can do this with a simple sheet or sarong covering the pram, or some stick-on window covers for the car.

It’s also a good idea to play some soft lullabies in the pram or over through the car speakers. This will help baby get into a sleepy mood and assist in blocking out external noise. I recommend natural, portable white noise or Rockabye Baby Music which are super cool renditions of all your favourite songs from all different genres, crafted into baby-friendly tunes. Check out on their website or listen via Spotify.

If they have a favourite comforter, bring it with you and pop it with them in their car seat or pram. This will help them feel more at ease in unusual surroundings.

Social Sleep Tips

So, what can you do to help your baby or toddler get better at sleeping while you’re out and about?

Keeping them active throughout the day is the best way to get them ready for sleep when you’ve got a dinner or other night time activity planned. The more active they are, the sleepier they’ll be when you need them to get some shut eye and give you some time with your friends or family.

The next thing to consider is getting them used to being out and about at bedtime. Every so often, pop them in the pram and walk them around the block or even just the house when it’s time for them to go to sleep. Maybe once a week, take drive around the block with your little one in their car seat allowing them to get used to the movement of being in the car.

And last but not least, practice makes perfect! It’s important that you stick with your plans and allow your little one a bit of time to get used to being outside of their usually routine. Don’t give up at their first cry. Stick with it and put the tips above to use – they’ll soon be able to stick with their sleep routine even when they’re not in their comfy little beds.

If you find yourself at the end of your tether, and none of the tips above are working for you, please do get in touch with our team here at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep. We’ll be more than happy to help you and your little one find sweet dreams.

As always, sleep sweet and deep lovelies!

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