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How To Make The Most Of Newborn Awake Windows

Becoming a new parent is kind of like having a brand new full time job that you have no idea how to manage. It’s scary, but there’s also infinite opportunities to learn and to feel a serious sense of accomplishment when you start to figure it all out. One thing that comes with having a newborn is learning how to make the most of newborn awake windows. What do you do in those times where bub is happily awake? Let’s find out…

What is a newborn awake window?

Newborn awake windows are the times between sleeps, where bub is awake and interacting with the big wide world. This includes the time it takes bub to wake up, feeding time and the time when bub is starting to get tired and giving off sleep cues. Newborns generally need around 45-75minute awake windows. Anything more than that and they may become overtired. Awake windows will begin to increase as your baby gets older.

When your newborn is awake, you’ll probably be drawn to spending as much time watching them as you can to track their development day by day. You can incorporate a few of the following suggestions into baby’s awake time to really make the most of the time they spend awake.

What to do in awake windows?

Try not to plan too much in advance as newborn awake windows will likely differ day by day. It may help to create a bit of a checklist to follow while bub is awake though. Here are a few ideas…

  • Make time for bonding activities eg. massage time, cuddles and lots of smiles.
  • Take note of bub’s sleep cues as they begin to grow tired eg. staring into space, fluttering eyelids, averting eyes, etc. (noting them down will help you begin to understand when your baby needs to sleep).
  • Talk to them. Tell them about your day, tell them anything! They won’t understand what you’re saying but they’ll love to hear your voice.
  • Change bub’s nappy.

Awake windows are such important things to take note of when you’re a new parent as they can be the difference between a happy baby and a grumpy, inconsolable, overtired baby. Pair your knowledge of awake windows with knowing your baby’s sleep cues and you’ll be on your way to mastering baby bedtime bliss!

Sleep sweet and deep my dears x

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