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Is My Baby Waking Up Too Early?

Some babies love their shuteye, others are hell-bent on being up before the sun! If you think your baby waking up too early might be impacting their (and your) quality of sleep, you can take gentle steps to help them ease into a slightly longer sleeping pattern. Let’s find out how…

Why is my baby waking up early?

As your baby gets older, you’ll find that they settle into their sleep and stay down for longer periods of rest than when they were newborns. This doesn’t mean that they’ll start sleeping through the night straight away. It also doesn’t mean that they’ll cooperate with your pleas for ‘just another 5 minutes’. They’re still learning.

A 6am-7am wakeup is ideal for most babies, but things such as bedtime, age and stage, sickness, development, teething and environmental factors can all play their part in your baby waking up too early.

How can I help my baby wake up later?

  • Install blackout curtains in your baby’s room to help them block out the early morning sun.
  • Keep household noise to a minimum until your little one wakes up. Set them up with a white noise machine if it helps them block out external stimuli.
  • Watch for their sleep cues throughout the day to see if a change in routine may be needed.
  • Adjust their bedtime slightly each night to gradually move their wake up time forward.

These are just a few ways to help stop your baby waking up early and snag yourself a little extra shuteye in the mornings. If you’d like to learn more, I’m always happy to help. You can send an enquiry via the contact page on the Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep site if you’d like to book a consultation.

Wishing you all the sweetest deepest sleep! x

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