So it’s happened, you feel like you are in a great routine finally, you have managed to get out of the house 3 times in the past week, you are feeling like Gal Gadot!

Then to top it off…one morning your Little One is suddenly blowing bubbles or drooling lots and then WOW … she/he rolls, or goes to grasp something/ laughs etc etc. This is possibly the most exciting thing that has happened to you since you heard they were opening a Sephora in AUS or that Pizza Hut was bringing back the all you can eat buffet (take your pick).

You marvel at your little human and their newly acquired skill and the wonderful things they will do in the in world. Everything is going swimmingly, Then you  go to put them down for a nap and boom… suddenly you feel like Sam Wise in LOTR trying to get Frodo to throw that ring in the bloody fire… it’s just not happening. Bub is fussy: resisting or flat out won’t sleep.


Infact this could be an indicator that your little human is/ has or is about to make the next big developmental leap in their growth.  This is completely normal and infact it can be a sign of another milestone ?!

Remember this will pass. And they will come and go. In older children you might  notice a wake up in the middle of the night while they have a chat to themselves for an hr or so. This is developmentally appropriate (weird and slightly disconcerting and maybe even cute) but considered normal if they are perhaps going through a growth change. However  if you are concerned at all,  always seek the help of a medical professional.

And if sleep is becoming an issue… that is why we are here… Sleep Sweet and Deep ????