making the switch from a cot to a bed

Making The Switch From A Cot To A Bed

If your little one is turning into a not so little one, it may be time for them to move from a cot to a bed. It’s an exciting time but you probably have questions and worries about how the transition process should work. This is a quick guide to making the switch from a cot to a bed, so you don’t have to stress about it when the time comes.

When should babies move from a cot to a bed?

Some reasons for moving a child from a cot to a bed include:

  • Between two and three years old is the perfect age range.
  • Your child is able to climb out of the cot.
  • The cot seems to be too much of a cramped space for your growing toddler.
  • Another baby joining the family might be a good reason to move your older toddler into a bed to make room for baby number two in the cot.

Tips for moving babies from cot to bed

When making the switch from a cot to a bed it’s important to ensure the new sleeping environment is safe for your little one. Try to avoid:

  • Bunk beds.
  • Beds that are tall.
  • Beds in rooms that contain unsafe items.

Beds with rails, a mattress on the floor away from walls or a small-sized toddler bed are generally safe options for your little one when they transition from cot to bed.

Settling them into some gentle sleep training may be beneficial around this time as they start moving from one sleeping space to another. It can help them learn how to be ok with change which is a valuable life lesson. Above all else – don’t panic! When you’re stressed your little one feels it and it may disrupt their sleep in a big way. Everything will be ok.

Sleep sweet and deep, my dears! x

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