Must Have Sleep Products for Babies in Summer 2020

Must Have Sleep Products for Babies in Summer 2020

This summer is shaping up to be a warm one! There are so many products out there that are made specifically to help babies through the heat of summer. I figured as we head into the middle of our hottest season, why not share a few must have sleep products for babies in summer 2020 with you all. Check them out below. Links are included throughout the post so you can check them out and pick up your own if you like the sound of them.

Musluv “Flora Botanica” Baby Sun Cover

I absolutely ADORE Musluv. Seriously, their products are fabulous, and I’ve never had a bad experience with them. Their baby sun covers are the perfect sleep products for babies in summer. They’ll expertly shield your little one from the sun while they take a nap in the pram. They’re rated UPF 50+ and have been lab tested for airflow. They also use a non-toxic UV treatment and are printed by hand in small batches to ensure quality. There are a bunch of patterns and colours to choose from in the range, but my favourite is the Flora Botanica pattern. It’s such a chic mix of soft colours and floral shapes that really do promote a sense of calm and peace in your baby as they drift off to sleep.

Visit the Musluv website and pick up this baby sun cover here!

musluv baby cover

Bulla Baby Bamboo Organic Platypus Cot Sheet Set

This is such a cute sheet set and is suuuuper soft. Made from 100% organic bamboo lycocell means this 300 count sheet actually feels like a 100 count sheet. That is the perfect baby sleep product for your little one’s sensitive baby skin. These sheets are 100% organic, free from harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic. The best part? They’re highly breathable and have moisture wicking properties to help keep your baby a little less sweaty through the summer months. The antimicrobial features help prevent germs building up on damp sheets when baby sweats. Always remember that sheets should be well-fitted and are not to be left loose in the cot with your baby.

Visit the Bulla Baby site and check out this organic cot sheet set here!

bulla baby cot sheet

BonnBonn Baby Moisture Wicking Antimicrobial Bodysuits

Much like the cot sheets above, this is one of the most effective sleep products for babies in summer. This is because of its moisture wicking and antimicrobial properties. Bacteria doesn’t stand a chance and your baby will feel less sweaty as the bodysuit pulls the moisture away from them. They even come with a patented thermal layer to help keep baby warm in winter as well as cool in summer. Plus, the designs are just way too cute to ignore!

Check out these antimicrobial bodysuits here!

bonnbonn bodysuit

Have a wonderful weekend and let me know if you agree that these products are the bomb for babies in summer x

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