When looking at Newborn Sleep
I think everyone turns to the wisdom of Dr Harvey Karps happiest baby method. The 5 S’s.
However here at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep we like to put our own twist on it to give your little one in the 4th trimester the best start when sleep is concerned.

S- Soothe
If you are not dead against the idea, there is nothing better than s dummy is help soothe your newborn. It allows them to follow their newborn instinct to suck and also will keep them calm and feeling safe and satisfied.

D – Dark
Unless your newborn is jaundice and needs the direct sulight, mute the light when trying to get them to nap in the day That will keep the melatonin flowing, but still allow them to get a handle on day and Night

N -Noise
Your little one is very used to constant noise from the womb… try to replicate that once they leave it. Always making sure to measure decibel level.

T – Transfer

Cuddle to sleep and then transfer Bub to bed before completely asleep, it is the most gentle way to get them into the habit of sleeping in their cot.

#honorable mentions…

-The Swaddle Up

– Baby Shusher

– Sound Spa

And if you are wanting to have great sleep skills from the start. Look into our prenatal, and newborn packages- we can even implement with you as Day 2 ( we make sure not to disturb bonding or S2S). and we have you on the path to
Sweet Sleep from the getgo ??

? Baby Jack- Kate and Matt Fitzsimons