Baby Sleeping With Lovey

Sleep Loveys: What Are They & How Should You Use Them

From Christopher Robin and his Winnie The Pooh to Calvin and his much loved tiger Hobbes, there have been a plethora of examples of sleep loveys portrayed in mainstream media and literature. The fact that they almost always are brought to life as a friend or confidant of the child in question is a true testament to the love and comfort a little one feels when they have their lovey close at hand. So, what actually is a sleep lovey, and how can we use them properly and safely? Read on to find out.

What is a sleep lovey?

A sleep lovey is any object, be it a blanket, a soft toy, or something else that a baby or toddler forms a bond with. When this bond is formed the child relies on their lovey for comfort and security whenever they feel stressed or upset. They may snuggle their lovey at bedtime as part of their sleep routine and if they can’t find their lovey, they may become sad or upset.

Why and how to introduce a sleep lovey?

Generally, around the 12-month-old mark is the best time introduce a lovey – maybe a blankey or a teddy bear. Within the first year a baby should only have a dummy or an auditory lovey like white noise. Muslim loveys like Aden and Anais are an absolute godsend for younger babies, and Ikea’s soft toys are a game changer for toddlers.

Introducing your little one to a lovey is going to help them build a strong connection and forge a friendship with something while they’re still in the early stages of development. This shows them what it’s like to form connections later on in life.

Making the lovey smell like their mum is important in helping them bond with the lovey. Mum should hold or wear the lovey (depending on what it is) for a little while before putting baby to bed with it. Scent plays a big role in a baby’s life and having the lovey smell like their mum creates a sense of security as though mum is right there with them.

It’s also a good idea to make sure baby learns that their sleep lovey is for sleep time only. Build a nap schedule around it and keep it away out of sight at other times. This is mostly so baby associates sleep time with their lovey, helping them sleep sweet and deep through the night when it is with them.

So, what are your thoughts on sleep loveys? Have you introduced one to your baby? Let us know. And if you need any help or advice on sleep loveys or any other baby sleep matters, please get in touch. We’re here to help.

As always, sleep sweet and deep!

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