Sleep Success Case Study Ava 7months

This gorgeous girl met us at her mother’s group… she was partying all night long and mum and dad were exhausted.
Mama Amanda reached out to us as she was so tired. She wanted Ava to learn some gentle sleep skills that would allow her to sleep better and and be happier in the day!

Within a few days Ava had completely stopped her frequent night time wake ups and just woke when was hungry (she was 3 months) and then When she was ready she slept through the night naturally! Mum and Dad were so happy to have a happy well rested little girl!

Since then Ava has been jet setting to NZ and USA and had continued her amazing sleep habits (with the help of our travel sleep tips).

Ava’s mum and Dad were never worried as they knew they had our email support if anything went array, but also that Ava has some mad sleep skills now!

“Veena’s help has totally changed our life! We are so grateful, we can’t recommend her gentle sleep methods enough!”

Sleep is for everyone, no matter where your life takes you!
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