Sleep Success Case Study~ Blake 3months

Say hello to gorgeous Blake from Country QLD. This little man had some massive sleep issues and waking all night long. Due to his really young age mumma was worried about what the lack of sleep was doing to his development.

Since he was newly out is the fourth trimester it is super important that he felt safe secure and completely supported while learning to sleep a bit better.

We observed his learned sleep behaviours and worked in a few different techniques to help calm him for sleep.

With support and knowledge Blake’s parents were able to guide him to his first experiences of sweet sleep and months on that has continued.

Our methods are so established and expertly applied that a lot of the time that Blake did not even experienced the 4 month regression!

Dee wrote to us to say,
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for your time, kindness and patience with me through this process. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our family…. Blake is such an amazing beautiful little boy and he is just so much happier now that he’s getting the sleep he needs. We are all so much happier and calmer as a family, it was so wonderful working through this with you, Our life is infinitely better”

This can be your family too!