Sleep Success Case Study Daisy (13m)


 This gorgeous little toddler from Sydney was keeping mum, dad and Bro up all night long. She was waking multiple times a night and mum had just returned back to work and was soooo exhausted!  

Mum then contacted us, enter Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep’s Sleep Solutions.  We came to their home on a 12hr night stay. We made sure to create a sleep initiative tailored to Daisy and the family’s needs and weeks on Daisy continues to Sleep Sweet and Deep.  Sleeping all night long and taking amazing naps. 

“Veena Parry came over to help implement a gentle sleep initative; and my “terrible sleeper” is now sleeping through naturally. Can’t recommend her enough, wish she’d stepped in six months ago!”

Our sleep solutions will allow your child to find their path to sleep in a gentle way! This is not just sleep training it is learning the art of sleep! 

Sleep Sweet