Sleep Success Case Study Emma (11m)

??Sleep Success??

Meet gorgeous Emma Kate! She comes to us from Jackson in the USA. Mum Sara wanted gentle sleep solutions to make sure that Emma felt safe and secure but was consolidating her sleep. She reached out to our Sleep Consultant Veena in Sydney and was drawn to the idea that every step of the journey was going to be personalised and built for Emma.

Sara also expressed that she hadn’t had a good nights sleep in as long as she could remember and this was compacted by being an army wife. Sara had noticed that Emma was losing her happy personality from being overtired and so was mumma. everything was getting harder!

“I had read book after book applying and trying new sleep techniques in attempt to help her.  None of these worked.  I felt like if we kept going down the same road, I might lose my sanity.  I was losing the ability to function on a level I felt safe for taking care of her.”

We made sure to address all of Sara’s concerns and create an initiative to fit seamlessly for Emma and her family! Simple, kind and gentle steps we’re followrd and implemented!

Within 3 days Emma was sleeping through the night and self settling no tears!  Mum wanted to have the option to nurse at night, so if Emma has a feed she does so and puts herself straight back to sleep!

“Veena patiently helped me to apply gentle steps.  I have my happy, well rested baby back.  It has now been a month and I feel like Emma Kate and I are both new people.  We are rested and happier and our relationship is better than ever.  I could not have done that without Veena’s help!.

As you can see from her picture, Emma Kate is a happy little girl who is getting all the vital rest she needs for her development!

Sleep Sweet ???