Sleep Success Case Study Isla 3m

Hey there Isla! Oh this little one made our hearts melt! This flower and her mama come to us from #perth. Isla was so tired and was not getting much rest. Mumma  @katiepool3 had done everything she could to get her little one to improve her sleep and nothing had worked. When your babe is this little and not sleeping well it can make any parent feel stressed. Mama had even said she was skeptical to the whole process but had faith in us, after reading our testimonials. Enter our personalised sleep initiative, authentic tips and personalised sleep techniques created to suit Isla. We made sure to be sensitive as we knew mumma was feeling vulnerable and anxious and this is where our support is priceless.  Isla had a hard start in life, and the lack of sleep was compunding everything. This is a time when any parent will be feeling dubious but we make sure to talk through every step of the process. Transparency is key while working with our families. Once Katie saw the gentle techniques that would be utilised for Isla, she knew she this was her path to sleep! ➕ so it was! “Veena has a gentle responsive non CIO approach, within a few days Isla was self settling without a peep. It’s been a total game changer! I was sent a guardian sleep angel and I feel so lucky to have met Veena”. If you are sleep deprived, you don’t have to be … take Katie’s word for it, or any of our countless families who are now getting their sleep back! ??