Sleep Success Case Study Levi ~12w

This guy was just like he t-shirt said … never tired, except tired all the time! Levi was sleeping every few hours for no more than 20 min and Mum, was exhausted!

This little man was on the petit side was definitely a cluster feeder. But even being demand fed didn’t stop Levi from learning sleep skills.

On the first night it took 15 min to get Levi to sleep and then he slept through for two sleep cycles for the first time in his life.

Now it is true that babies in the 4th trimester all the way up to six months may have trouble consolidating sleep as it is not natural for their phases to be longer than 30-40 minutes however if they are waking tired and irritable it may be time to look at things and start some great and gentle sleep habits!

“Veena totally saved us at a time where we were feeling so vulnerable and tired, due to Levi’s age Veena coached us through his changes and now he sleeps through the night. 5 months on we are still seeing amazing success and we can’t thank Veena enough for her gentle approach” Kristy & Nathan

It is never to early or late to help your little one sleep ??