Sleep Success Case Study Isla (12 Months)


Well hey there Isla!

When Isla’s mumma came to us she was beyond overwhelmed and seriously sleep deprived. Her husband contacted us and asked if we can do an in home consult in Sydney (we can; and all around Australia too) and soon after we were in their home and helping to get their 3 week old little girl on the path to sweet sleep.

Now Isla had it extra tough, as she was diagnosed with severe silent reflux soon after birth. Not only was she going through the usual growth spurts and learning of a newborn but she had the added issue of having her sleep interrupted from her tummy/digestive problems.

We began helping Isla’s parents to encourage her to self sleep and self settle comfortably, without any crying, and mum and dad got some much needed rest.

Again we helped Isla as she got older and started to resist her naps and began catnapping. We successfully guided her parents in the art of extending and consolidating naps and with our help Isla began to have 2-3 x2 hr naps a day .

Soon her parents decided to reach out to have us implement our 24hr customised sleep initiative, Isla has been sleeping all night long (12/13hrs) since 6 months old and having up to four hours sleep in her daytime naps!
“I can’t thank Veena enough for the help and support she has given our whole family, we would recommend her to anyone having any child sleep issue! She was there for us through everything and her support has been invaluable and is forever if we ever need it in the future for next child. Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep and Veena was our life line” – Joel and Amanda xx