Sleep Success Case Study Delilah (6m)


Delilah Girl, hey there blue eyes! This little one came to us when she was 6 months old and was having a love affair with her dummy. Mum and Dad did not share that love affair! We met Delilahs mum in mothers group in Cronulla, Sydney. Delilah was waking every 30/40 min 24/67 and they were having major sleep debt issues! Mum was at a loss at what to do, but she was knew she was wanted a gentle way to have the dummy disappear and Delilah to be self settling! ➕ a few days later that’s exactly what happened! On top of that Delilah is sleeping better than ever and has been transitioned to her own room and into a big cot. “ I immediately warmed to Veena and knew I’d made the right decision to get some professional help. After our initial consult, Veena went through a thorough process to get all the info she needed to give me a detailed and personalised sleep initiative. She made it clear that every baby is different and that we would catering to Delilah’s individual sleepneeds. When my instinct was to comfort my daughter she encouraged me to do so and there was NO tough love or CIO. Two nights later we had gotten rid of the dummy and slept all night long! I couldn’t believe it. My endless thanks to Veena. I can’t recommend Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep enough. Worth every penny!” Laura X

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