No we all know not to Dr Google!

But did you know there is a rainbow when it comes to your little ones poop.


Expect a greenish-black, tar-like poop when your baby is 2-4 days old. This poop is called ‘meconium.’ It will likely be thick and sticky with the appearance of Tar.
This shows bub has started digesting their breast milk or formula and is a good sign.


This is the color your baby’s meconium poop will change to if you are exclusively breastfeeding. Funnily enough it won’t smell much and it’s also normal!


You can expect a slightly darker shade OF YELLOW when your baby is on formula rather than breast milk. It may Ben a little thick and may not be as pleasant as the other yellow.


Are you BF ing, do you have a fast let down?
This could mean bubba is getting lots fore milk and not enough of the more calorie- rich hindmilk. As baby feeds from the breast, the first milk they get is lactose (sugar). IF it continues for more then a few days check it out with your medical health professional.


Is your babe taking an iron supplement or is having formula with extra iron?
This could be the cause.

This will begin to happen after baby begins to eat sold foods.


There are certain colors of baby poop where you should seek medical advice immediately- just in case.

Lack of bile or perhaps a chalky texture


Little flecks in the poop could mean a food allergy


Although meconium can produce BLACK poop after this newborn phase could be a sign of bleeding.

In this instance, seek medical attention immediately.

End of the Day … when in doubt, seek medical advice!