When to Ditch the Dummy?

The Dummy Dilemma…

I like Dummies, I have used all natural soother dummies and difrax dummies for both my children when they were newbies. In fact in newborns, especially if they have reflux I see nothing wrong with a pacifier/Dummy/soother if it helps soothe and doesn’t upset the breastfeeding relationship. The reflux was so bad with our second son, that a midwife literally stuck a dummy in our sons mouth 30hrs into our hospital stay. 

Dummy’s are also  great as they have been proven to also reduce SIDS, so I am all for that! 

However as babies get older past the 4th trimester, there can be a shift in the need for a pacifier and a deep rooted sleep aid/association can form. 

You may find if you have a “ sucky” baby that literally will not sleep unless they can suck to sleep, and this can be a slippery dip down into sleep deprivation territory.

All I can say is…

Before the dummy becomes a sleep aid you can either; 


Ditch it; (a great time is when bub finds their hands and can begin to suck or use their hands to soothe them when they first go arms out. 

If you are using a Love to Dream swaddle up this May happen sooner. This is usually a 2 day process as the max 


Keep it and resign yourself to becoming a slave to it, having to put it back in whenever your little one needs it. The worst I have (was in Sydney) seen is every 20min 24hrs a day :/  or all night long! 


Or take it up a notch and inundate bub with dummies as to let them put it back in themselves … and you won’t be needed to help them soothe while still using it.


At the the end of the Day, if you want your baby to self settle and sleep then the Dummy has to go…

and we can help!

Need assistance in your own Dummy Dilema? Call on us!


Sleep Sweet ???