The Perfect Baby Bath

How is your baby’s mood at bath time? Do they love it or loathe it? Here are a few sure-fire ways to liven up bath time and create the perfect baby bath for your little one (and maybe you too).

Baby Bath Temperature

Now, little ones have quite sensitive skin which means it’s always best to err on the side of caution when it comes to temperature at bath time. Between 37oC-38 oC for young children and 36 oC for babies is what you should be aiming for. Check the water with your wrist and if it’s comfortably warm (not hot) then it should be ok for your little ones.

Baby Bath Smells

If you’re looking to put your baby or toddler to bed directly after bath time, your best bet is to have the smell of lavender in the air. It’s calming and smells amazing to boot! You can find lavender scented baby bath oils in reputable baby stores or invest in a vaporiser and add some lavender essential oils. Of course, it’s always important to spot test any products on your child before introducing them to their routine to make sure they’re not going to have a negative reaction.

Baby Bath Ambience

Again, for pre-bedtime baths it’s a good idea to have low light in the bathroom. A salt lamp or candle (if safe) is the perfect way to dim the lights and get your little one in the best bedtime mindset. You can play some natural sounds like bird calls or ocean sounds in the background for a little extra calming effect.

Baby Bath FUN!

Now we’re talking! It’s always a good idea to implement a play, eat, bath, sleep routine for night time but if you’re not looking to get your little ones to bed straight after bath time you can bring out all the stops. Lush have some amazing child friendly bath bombs and bath gels for the older kids. A lovely milk bath is perfect for younger babies. Again, patch test all products before use to ensure they’re safe for your bub. Bath safe toys are also great, but not too many to avoid over stimulation.

How do you make bath time enjoyable for your babes? Let us know in the comments!

And if you need any help at all getting your little ones to sleep, you know who to call! Hint: it’s us!

Sleep Sweet and Sleep Deep, you wonderful parents.

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