Top 3 Bedding Brands for Toddlers

I don’t often recommend bedding because I believe it’s a personal preference and (for the most part) won’t impact your child’s bedtime routine too much. However, bedding does go hand in hand with bedtime and sleep so, I thought I’d share my favourite bedding brands for toddlers with you all. I’m not saying these will be perfect for everyone, but if you’d like to check out the sites and the toddler bedding products they have on offer, I’ve included links throughout the article.

My top 3 bedding brands for toddlers…

Kmart Bedding

Kmart has such a broad range of bedding products, not just for kids, but for everyone! Whether your toddler loves dinosaurs, Disney, dogs or pretty much anything else, you can find it on Kmart bedding. They have a range of bedsheet and quilt sizes that will suit every toddler. The best part? Kmart products are super affordable and they are quite durable.

Check out Kmart bedding for toddlers here.

Sheridan Bedding

Sheridan’s range of kids, baby and toddler bedding products is super stylish! From baby pram blankets to sheet sets, you can pick up pretty much everything you need to make sure your little ones are snug as a bug in a rug at home and while out and about.

Visit the Sheridan site here.

Bubba Blue Bedding

Bubba Blue stocks a huuuuuge range of baby and toddler bedding products. They’ve won countless awards for many items available on their site and they’ve honestly got something for everyone. The Bubba Blue sale section is always stocked out with goodies that make wonderful additions to your little one’s bedtime routine – plus you can find affordable gifts for friends with babies and toddlers.

View the Bubba Blue range here.


As I said before, bedding is a completely personal choice so I don’t expect you to go out and buy from all the brands mentioned here. I do think it’s important for parents to share what works for them though, so that others in the same boat can use their guidance if they choose to.

Do you have any favourite bedding brands for your toddlers?

I hope they manage to sleep sweetly and deeply through the night, no matter the bedding you use for your little ones x

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