top 3 bedtime mistakes parents make

Top 3 Bedtime Mistakes Parents Make

We may be amazing parents, but we’re only human. We make mistakes. It’s ok though, as long as we learn from them. Here are the top 3 bedtime mistakes parents make with newborns and young children. We can learn from them together!

Comforting baby as soon as they stir

Now, I’m not saying we leave our babies to cry through the night. Sometimes though, they just wake up a little, stir a bit and go back to sleep easily themselves. By leaving them to their own devices and not going straight to their aid when they cry at night, we allow them to build valuable self soothing skills.

Having unrealistic expectations

Too often we make plans in our minds and when they don’t work out we get anxious, stressed and disappointed. When it comes to sleeping babies, this has never been truer. Nobody’s perfect. No baby is going to sleep through the night every night (unless you’ve got one of those wonder babies that come along every so often). It’s ok to break plans as long as you’re doing your best to keep bedtime consistent. And that brings us to our third point…

Creating inconsistent bedtime habits

The more you try to settle baby into a consistent bedtime routine, the easier bedtime will become. It’s ok if they don’t fall into consistency right away. It takes time. You’ll get there though.

Sleep sweetly, sleep deeply and keep learning x

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