using sleep skills with twins

Using Sleep Skills With Twins

I have to say, my hat goes off to any parent who can successfully manage using sleep skills with twins. One baby can cause enough sleep deprivation to last a lifetime…two babies, well that’s a combo that can leave most parents stumped. Don’t get me wrong, twins are awesome. Sometimes twin babies will sleep sweetly and deeply through the night and they may even be easier to manage than a single bub. A lot of the time though, especially if their sleep cycles aren’t in sync, you need to seek out a helping hand to get some much needed sleep. Remember, you can’t look after two little babies (plus any other children) if you’re not getting enough rest.

Twin sleep guide

Set up a tag team system

If there are two parents in your family, don’t try to do everything together. It’s simply impossible, especially if your twins are on different sleep cycles. Maybe parent one takes the shift from 10pm to 3am, then parent two takes over until the morning. Figure out a plan that works for your family’s lifestyle and preferences.

Set sleep habits early on according to future preferences

From the very first time you bring your twins home, it’s important to decide how they will sleep – together or apart. This will likely set the foundation for their sleeping habits for years to come. Sleeping them together initially will get them used to having each other nearby through the night. Sleeping them separately will likely have the opposite effect. There’s no right or wrong answer. It’s completely up to you, as parents. Whatever you choose though, be prepared for your little ones to keep those sleeping habits as they grow into toddlers, children, teens and even young adults.

Ask for help

As with all new parents, this applies especially to parents of twin babies. If you’re struggling with using sleep skills with twins, don’t let it get to the point of no return. You’re still superheroes no matter if you need grandma to babysit once a week so you can get some much needed shuteye or some quality time together for a date night. You may even find some help coming back to the Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep blog and this twin sleep guide every so often to remind yourself of the basics.

You’re doing amazing. Keep up the great work. You’ve got this!

Sleep sweet and deep and remember…it’s ok to ask for help at any time, especially if you’re trying to master using sleep skills with twins x

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