Why do I need a personalised Sleep initiative?

Are you asking yourself this?

Ever heard the saying “sleep like a baby” what does this even mean!??

I hear and have been told a lot about a OSFA approach to infant’s sleep and it’s fantastic if you want a generalised approach to helping your Little One and their sleep.

However…I can’t tell you how many of of my clients have gone down this road and said, “There is no feedback, trouble shooting and I felt like I was walking around in the dark”.

One of our biggest beliefs here at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep is that your little people are not cardboard cut outs of every other child in their age bracket! Not all newborns are the same! Not all babies are the same and not all toddlers are the same!
As parents we are so aware of the interests of our little people and what stimulates them, why do we think differently when it comes to their sleep needs?

Just because one 4 month old responds to a certain technique does not mean every 4 month will. Currently I am working with 3x
4 month olds and the techniques that are being used to help each Bub are completely different.
(Thus they have completely different sleep initiatives).

This is why, it’s not good enough to just get a blanket plan and run with it, because you will find the smallest thing can make a huge impact. You may find that so many things will not fit to your little person and what will benefit them most.

The great thing about working with us is that with our thorough sleep analysis and constant ongoing (forever) support (if you need anything in the future: holiday, new child, moving), we can guide you every step of the way.
Your child’s personalised sleep initiative will be created to fit their exact needs and that of your family.
If any troubleshooting needs to be done we are there to discuss and provide solutions in real time.

For us, your child’s sleep has it’s very own context and we make sure to make your journey to sleep so sweet and gentle!

Want a realistic, actual solution, to your sleep issues?

Call on us !!! ???