why baby sleep training isn't the same for everyone

Why Baby Sleep Skills Aren’t The Same For Everyone

Learning baby sleep skills varies from one little human being to the next. This can be due to a multitude of reasons, but mostly it comes down to baby’s personality, baby’s needs, and the family’s lifestyle. Let’s chat about a few of those reasons today. You might find that some apply to you and some don’t. Again, this is because everyone lives their lives differently. No matter how different we are though, it’s nice knowing that we’re all in this together. A family is a family, no matter how different one is from the next. As always, if you need any help with baby sleep skills for your unique bub, please do reach out. It may take a little extra helping hand for you to find your own special rhythm to settling them in to sleep sweetly and deeply through the night.

Sleep Skills & Babies

Babies may not be able to do much for themselves but are they are still human beings with needs, wants and personalities. Even from their very first breath, they are unique to anybody else on this Earth. That makes them pretty special, but it also makes it hard to know exactly how they’re going to be when it comes to sleep. Some babies LOVE sleep and they can’t get enough nap time. Other babies have FOMO and they hate missing out on anything that’s happening around them so they’ll resist sleep as much as they can. Because of the love/hate relationship that varies between bubs, they each need their own tailored approach to learning baby sleep skills.

Sleep Skills & Parents

Parents play a huge role in the way we approach baby sleep skills. For instance, the baby of a single parent who works night shifts and hires a babysitter will require a different style of sleep skills to a baby with a parent who is home through the night. As a parent, are you out and about during the day, catching up with friends? Do you spend a lot of time at dinners with friends, or are you an introvert who likes to stay in with a good book? Your lifestyle plays a huge role in why your little one may or may not be settling in to sleep.

Sleep Skills & Siblings

Again, this all comes down to circumstance. A baby with multiple siblings of varying ages who have different bedtimes may be affected by their sleep habits. If they are a twin and they sleep in close proximity to their sibling they may settle easier than if they are alone in the room. If your older child has trouble sleeping and is awake half the night, there’s a good chance your younger one will be too. All of these factors will play a part in the way your baby sleeps.

This is why hiring a sleep consultant is a great way to find out what might be causing issues with your little one’s sleep schedule. A fresh, outside perspective (from a professional who has a lot of experience) is sometimes all it takes to see what was causing the trouble the entire time.

Enjoy your Friday and sleep sweetly and deeply into the weekend x

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