Does this sound familiar?

You have had a wonderful day with your tiny humans; they are the light of life. You managed to shower and leave the house today go for a walk,  they have had some decent naps and fed well all day and then BOOM it’s like they have taken a hit of too much wasabi! 5PM …

Suddenly they won’t eat, won’t sleep are fussy and generally you have no idea what has happened to your sweet little babe;

Ah the curse of the dreaded WItCHinG HOUR

Here is a quick list of DO’s and DONT’s  on navigating this fine part of the day


– Do take a breathe and release; usually this period only last for a little while so take some deep yoga breaths while it hits

– Do be aware for some babies this is completely developmentally appropriate so take comfort in that fact. It very rarely lasts beyond 4-6 months.

-Do have help on hand. If this part of the day is particularly challenging for you and you are on your own then make sure you enlist the help of some wonderful helpers.


-Don’t be scared to spend this part of the day outside/ a great way of to distract your little one from going full hulk is to take them for a walk.

– Don’t be putting them to bed late; this is my cardinal rule, and overtired babe ( newborn, baby, toddler, preschooler) is not your friend!!! This will definitely not help the situation.

-don’t be afraid to talk to someone about that is going on/ as they say it takes a village.


It sleep is absolutely invading you then it may be time to speak to a professional. We can definitely help you navigate this time and give you solutions.

Sleep Sweet ??