Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep

Helping your family sleep sweeter and deeper than ever before!

Here at Sleep Sweet, Sleep Deep, our philosophy is simple; we use authentic, kind sleep strategies that will have your little ones learning the art of independent sleep and your whole family re-acquiring their much needed irreplaceable rest. You won’t just get back your sleep, but your lives. 

Our consultants are experts in dealing with children’s sleep; infant, newborn, toddlers, and preschoolers.

We’ll analyse your child’s sleeping patterns and provide a sleep solution tailored towards your child’s individual needs. 

Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep | Pediatric Sleep Consultant

Paediatric Sleep Specialist

We do more than just consult! We are your facilitators of sleep!

Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep are International Sleep Experts (featured and endorsed by MamaMia) based in the picturesque Sutherland Shire, our Experts are bringing sleep solutions to families all over Sydney, interstate Australia, and the World.

We don’t sleep train, we facilitate and help you to maintain and maximise your slumber, we rely on scientific research and cutting-edge authentic paediatric sleep methods to provide support and arm you with all the techniques needed to assist your child in sleeping through the night and raise happy independent sleepers.

Helping Your Family Sleep

The knowledge to help your family get a better night's sleep.

Whether in Australia, Hawaii USA, London UK, or anywhere in the World we can provide a solution. Are you looking to implement great sleep habits with your newborn? Want your baby to sleep through the night? Is your toddler on a nap strike/or needs to nap extend? Do you need to transition your preschooler to a bigger bed? Is it multiple night wakings, catnapping, sleep associations, transitioning or sleep deprivation?

Look no further, our experts will work side by side with you and your family to resolve any difficulties you are experiencing.

With our affordable custom created, sleep initiatives our compassionate, gentle techniques will have you and your little ones Sleeping Sweet and Sleeping Deep, all night long!!!