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Media Release - Mamamia

We have all been there, the moment that sleep deprivation hits you like a pile of bricks.

For me, it was when my eldest son was 10-weeks-old. We hadn’t slept properly for weeks and everything was becoming hard – housework, daily routine, exercise, eating but most of all; relationships.

My husband, Joel, and I who never fight started sniping at each other and despite spending nearly 10 years together without having had one, it suddenly became a daily occurrence.

Press Release

Calm and serene, local Mamma-of-two, Veena Parry, grew up in the Shire and has lived here all her life. Known affectionately as ‘the baby whisperer’, Veena works as a child sleep consultant, supporting families. She shares with us the things she loves about raising a family in the area.