moving your baby to their own room

Tips For Moving Your Baby To Their Own Room

At around the 6 month mark of your little one’s life journey, it’s a good idea to start transitioning them to sleeping in their own room. This helps them begin the process of becoming a little more independent, learning how to fall asleep on their own and keep themselves company when mum and/or dad aren’t around. It’s a difficult change to make for both parent and child, but it plays an important part in the developmental process. Here are my top tips for moving your baby to their own room.

Familiarise baby with their new room

Start by spending some time with baby in their room while they’re awake. Sitting in the room with them as they’re about to be ready for nap time will help your baby begin to associate their room with sleep. Spend lots of cuddle time in the room too. You want them to think of their room as a happy place full of loving feelings. It may also be a good idea to play soft music or nature sound while you’re in the room with your little one. This gives them a feeling of security and can help them fall asleep easier when the time comes to leave them to their own devices.

Make the move during a time when baby is comfortable

When the time comes to take that leap and move your baby to their own room for the first night, try to do it at a time where baby is feeling happy, healthy and comfortable. If they have a cold, are having teething issues or aren’t feeling entirely 100%, maybe hold off for a little while. This helps in two ways:

  1. You won’t be feeling as worried about baby.
  2. Baby won’t associate their room with feeling down.

Be strong

This may be the toughest part of moving your baby to their own room. The move isn’t just about them, it’s just as much about you. Any parent will find it hard to separate themselves from their baby, especially after growing so comfortable with having them in the same room for so long. This is completely normal. Just keep the thought in the back of your mind that this step is helping your baby develop, grow and learn as an individual, even in these early stages of life.

Stick with your sleep schedule as best you can, know that you’re doing this for the good of your child and tap into every bit of courage you have. You can set up a video monitor in your baby’s room, if that helps. That way you’ll have a visual on them while still allowing them to get used to being in their own space alone.

You’re ready to take the leap, but if you do need any help at all figuring out how to move your baby to their own room, please do get in touch. I’m always here to help with any baby sleep related issues.

Sleep sweetly and deeply my friends! x

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