3 Reasons Your Baby Isn’t Sleeping

Honestly, there could be a plethora of reasons your baby isn’t sleeping. Babies are such volatile little creatures that the slightest issue can cause them to feel scared or upset. This, in turn, affects their sleeping patterns. So, I’m going to outline for you 3 reasons your baby isn’t sleeping but please keep in mind that these are just the tip of the iceberg.


Think back to times that you’ve been sick. You’re in pain, your body does not feel good. Nine time out of ten though, you know exactly what’s going on. A baby does not. When they feel horrible, they don’t know that it’s going to get better. In their mind, this is the end of the world!

So, they do the only thing they know to do to express their pain and fear – they cry, and they cry, and they cry. They don’t want to go to sleep because they’re afraid. The best thing to do in this situation is to get advice from a health professional. They may be able to prescribe baby-safe medication to help your tot sleep through sickness.


The dreaded woes of teething. Teething can cause your baby to have difficulty with many things. Trouble eating, decreased energy levels and difficulty sleeping are all things you can expect while your baby is teething. It will pass eventually. However, it’s definitely a good idea to invest in a few different ways to help your bub get through the teething stage a little easier.

Things like teething rings and pain relief gels (as directed by a health professional, of course) are your best options for helping baby deal with the pain of teething and get a good night’s rest.

Changes in Routine

Although baby generally doesn’t feel changes in routine in a physical way, they can become mentally drained. You can’t really communicate with a baby about a change in routine the way you can with a toddler, so a baby is going to be much more reluctant in dealing with variation.

If their routine needs to change, it’s going to change. There’s not much you can do to stop that. The best thing you can do to help baby through a varying routine is to show your support through lots of skin-to-skin contact and face time. Show them you’re right there with them during the times that they’re scared or uncertain.

As mentioned, these 3 reasons your baby isn’t sleeping are just the tip of iceberg. We could go on for days. If you do find that your baby isn’t sleeping, please don’t let yourself get overwhelmed or frustrated. Contact us at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep today for your FREE 20-minute sleep consultation. We’re here to help, always!

Sleep sweet and deep, my dears!

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