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Block Out Blinds for Baby Sleep

If you’re anything like me, you need a nice dark bedroom in order to get a good nights sleep. It’s important to provide babies with a dark sleeping environment too. This will help them relax and learn to know the difference between night and day. Investing in a good quality block out blind for your little one is honestly one of the best decisions you can make. Read on to find out the benefits of block out blinds for baby sleep and which ones are my favourite!

Benefits of Block Out Blinds for Baby Sleep

Block out blinds are super beneficial when it comes to making sure your baby is sleeping sweet and deep through the night. It’s not just a comfort thing either. Complete darkness causes the body to produce melatonin which is a chemical that helps us relax so we can fall soundly asleep.

Babies also need to learn to tell the difference between night and day in order to get into a proper sleep schedule that works. Block out curtains are a surefire way to help them distinguish that sleep happens when it’s dark and playtime happens when it’s light.

Blocking out outside stimulus is also another plus. If your baby can see lights, trees, birds or any other distractions outside their windows, they will be more likely to stay awake while their minds are thinking of all the wonderful things they can see.

Best Block Out Blinds

ergoPouch Window Blockout

The ergoPouch Window Blockout is honestly such a great initiative! These window blockers seamlessly adhere to your windows, fitting together to create a completely dark environment for your little ones. They’re non-toxic, reusable and leave zero sticky residue on windows once removed. They are super great for travel purposes and they work on both single or double glazed windows.

You can pick up your own here!

ergopouch window blockout


Gro Anywhere Portable Window Blackout Blind

This material block out blind from Gro Anywhere is seriously handy to keep with you at all times. It fits on just about any window with suction cups to block out all light sources, allowing your bub to get a truly great sleep. The super cute starry night pattern on these window blockout sheets is just a bonus!

Pick up your very own here!

gro blockout blind

If you have any trouble at all getting your little ones to sleep through the night, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re more than happy to help with any troubles you might be having.

As always, sleep sweetly and deeply.

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