How Food Can Impact Baby Sleep Patterns

In today’s article we’ll be discussing how food can impact baby sleep patterns and I’ll share with you my number 1 food tip for ensuring your baby has the best chance at sleeping sweet and deep through the night.

Foods that help baby sleep

Honestly, there really aren’t any baby sleep super foods out there. If there were, I’m sure they’d all be out of stock in every supermarket because parents all over the place would be flocking to get their hands on them.

The best thing you can do to support baby’s sleep routine is to feed them regularly while they’re still on formula or breast milk, and introduce them to a healthy, balanced diet once they’re ready to start eating solids. These are both things you should be doing regardless of sleep patterns.

Foods like banana, rice crackers, carrots, potatoes and low fat yoghurt are all great options to feed baby for dinner before putting them down for the night.

Foods that stop baby sleep

As mentioned above, you can combat baby sleep issues by feeding breast milk or formula regularly and incorporating a well-balanced diet on solids.

Foods that will stop a baby from sleeping are generally the same foods that will stop an adult from sleeping. Anything containing guarana, caffeine or energy boosting compounds is going to send your baby into a state of sleeplessness. Now, to be clear, you should NEVER feed your baby or young child any energy boosting foods or drinks. They can be quite damaging to a baby’s natural development and are also highly addictive. Again. NEVER give products containing these ingredients to your infant.

Processed sugars are also high on the list of foods to keep away from your baby to help them sleep sweetly and deeply. Again, sugar is a natural energy booster that will keep your child going and going and going…

And now, without further ado…

My number 1 food tip to improve baby sleep!

It may sound simple but the most effective food-based method to make sure your baby sleeps well is making sure they go to sleep on a full belly! Think about it: when are you most tired, sluggish and ready for a power nap? After a good meal, of course! They don’t call it a “food coma” for nothing. You’d be surprised how similar our bodies are to our little ones in a lot of ways.

Please let me know whether this article has been helpful in the comments. I love seeing parents share their baby sleep success stories! Oh, and please reach out if you’re feeling overwhelmed and can’t quite seem to wrangle your baby’s sleep patterns. I’m always here to help.

Sleep Sweet and Sleep Deep, as always.

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