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Best Safe Swaddling Techniques for Sleeping Babies

As a professional baby sleep expert, one of the best tips I can give you is to learn how to swaddle your baby correctly. Too many parents don’t understand the effect the perfect swaddle can have on your baby’s sleep time routine. If your baby shows signs of hip dysplasia, the way you swaddle them is even more important. Take note of our best safe swaddling techniques for sleeping babies below and you might just find yourself getting more sleep as your baby feels more comfortable to sleep sweet and deep through the night.

Why do babies like being swaddled?

Adjusting to new life can be scary for someone who has experienced very little of it. Swaddling your baby helps them feel as though they are back in your womb; a safe, familiar place.

Swaddling also prevents babies from triggering their startle reflex which can be caused by flailing their legs and arms as they dream through the night.

How should I swaddle my baby?

There are a few different methods of swaddling babies. You can refer to the video below for a nurse’s take on the best safe swaddling methods.

Baby swaddling safety tips

Swaddling is a great way to help your baby sleep, however, it must be done carefully to ensure no health and safety risks are an issue for your baby.

  • Ensure baby’s face entire head is outside of the wrap
  • Leave space for two to three of your fingers to fit between the wrap and baby’s chest
  • Ensure the bottom of the swaddle is loose enough so that baby’s legs are bent and flared
  • Always wrap the swaddle to sleep baby comfortably on their back
  • Don’t bundle baby in too many layers to avoid overheating

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