how to prevent bedtime tantrums

How To Prevent Bedtime Tantrums

In some households, bedtime is when it all starts to go wrong. The perfect day can turn into a horrible night if your little one just doesn’t want to go to bed. There are a few secrets to getting your toddler excited for bedtime. Let me know if you have any other suggestions for how to prevent bedtime tantrums that aren’t listed below!

Prevent toddler tantrums at bedtime

No matter how big the tantrum, there are steps you can take to help prevent bedtime madness when your little one is unhappy about the prospect of going to sleep. Here are a few of the best tips I can give to getting you and your child into a positive sleep mindset…

Try to determine what the reason is for your little one to not like bedtime. Are they afraid to sleep alone? Do they hate missing out on being awake with the rest of the family? Are they simply over tired? Once you find out what’s causing the issue, you can tackle it head on.

Fear of sleeping alone or fear of the dark

Try setting up a white noise machine to give your little one something to occupy their mind.

Set up a soft night light.

Bedtime FOMO

Let them know that you’ll be going to sleep very soon as well.

Sit with them in their room for a little bit until they calm down.

Be as quiet as possible outside their room to avoid waking them when they do fall asleep.


It might be time for them to drop a nap during the day.

Whatever the cause for your little one’s night time stress, don’t give up. It will get easier to prevent bedtime tantrums if you address the issue with a solution that fits! Get in touch if you need any help figuring out what the right solution is. We’re always here to help at Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep.

As always sleep well, sleep sweet and sleep deep x

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