quiet toddler activities

Quiet Toddler Activities For Baby Nap Time

Anyone, even if they’re not a parent, will likely have some idea of just how noisy toddlers can be…well, all the time. Sometimes it’s hard to comprehend how so much loudness can come from such a tiny person. When you have a toddler and a younger baby, it can be a seriously difficult balancing act, trying to get their nap times scheduled to ensure they get enough sleep throughout the day. Babies will need more sleep than toddlers, so how do you keep your toddler quiet and entertained while baby is taking a nap? Let’s go over my top tips surrounding quiet toddler activities for baby nap time…

Quiet toddler activities


Whether it’s painting, collage, drawing or some other kind of artistic activity, your toddler will find themselves using their brain for creativity rather than yelling about not wanting to eat strawberries for lunch ever again. They’ll find joy in colours and shapes and they’ll be so focused on putting together an artwork to be proud of, they’ll forget all about being loud while baby is sleeping. Be sure to keep an eye on them while they express their artistic talent though – toddlers love to put glue, paint, glitter, basically anything they see, in their mouths. And remember safety around scissors and other craft tools too.

Sensory books

Much like the art suggestion above, keeping toddlers quiet is mostly a form of distraction. Keep their minds occupied and they’ll spend their time thinking about what they’re doing rather than screaming about it. Books are perfect for this, especially ones that involve touching the pages, feeling materials and other sensory sensations. While baby is asleep is the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with your toddler and teach them some valuable reading skills while keeping them busy.

Educational media

On low volume, of course. Shows like Sesame Street and Playschool have been around for years and years and it’s like they’ve been created just for this very purpose. They’re perfect to play when your little ones are restless and they’re all easily accessible online. The content is specifically tailored to appeal to the brains of little ones so your toddler will be entranced as they watch The Count talk about numbers or Little Ted sing his favourite nursery rhymes. They learn as they take a little break from running around the house, getting into mischief.


If you have any other ideas for quiet toddler activities, please let us know in the comments! We’re always here to help if you’re having trouble getting your little one into a sleep schedule so feel free to get in touch at any time via the contact details on the Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep site.

As always, sleep sweet and deep! xx

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