The perfect addition to Sleep Routine is the Bedtime Book.
One thing I always say is, a great way to wind down is to read a book to your little ones before bed.
From an education perspective, I also cannot recommend reading enough! Not only is it a wonderful bonding experience, it also has been proven to increase a child’s understanding of literacy conventions, phonemic awareness and writing. If you can read one book a day or at every sleeptime, your child would have read over 2000 books by the time they start kindy.

Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep rates the 5 Best Bedtime Books.

Good Night Sleep Tight

This one is fun! Great for all ages 0-6 and has some well known nursery rhymes serving as a continuing narrative within the story! And who doesn’t love a babysitter named “Skinny Doug”!

Good Night Good Night Construction Site
Sherri Dusker Rinker

This book will excite the truck/cement mixer/excavator enthusiast in any child! It’s beautifully written and illustrated and gives a great sense of positive reinforcement regarding sleep routine.

All the awake Animals
Crescent Dragonwagon (yes that is the Author’s name)

Want your child to learn their alphabet? This is a great way! And it’s sleep friendly! No kidding, my toddler read this from 10 months and knew his alphabet by 18months.

Time for Bed
Mem Fox

Just gorgeous! Great illustrations, this one is perfect for the newborn and younger child. Has a wonderful sense of rhythm.

Goodnight Moon
Margaret Wise Brown

This has been a world famous and classic sleep book for over 30 years! And it’s easy to see why, captivating and perfect for children 0-6yrs l.
There is also a great video version of this narrated by Susan Sarandon, (this can be for awake time.)

I also have some tips on how to help the reading process when reading with your toddler! It’s all about the finger point!

➕ for parents … are you struggling with sleep? Do you need a pick me up, and a laugh?

Check out
Go the F%^$ to Sleep
By Adam Mansbach

There is also a great version narrated by Samuel L Jackson, which will lift the spirits of any Sleep deprived Parent…

If you need any help with your sleep Veena from Sleep Sweet Sleep Deep is here to help!

Sleep Sweet! ??