Baby sleeping problem in crib. This is a picture of a baby having trouble sleeping in a crib that might require some sleep training and consultancy.

One thing I get asked about by clients more than anything else is the dreaded Sleep Regression.
It’s kind of like Rumspringer for babies sleep. Your once calm and docile Bub becomes an infant version of a hormonal teenager that has had one too many red bulls.

Picture this… you have been living off coffe for the better part of 6 months (including the last 2 months of pregnancy,(decaffe) because come on, who sleeps in those last few months? You feel like a floatation device and your partner is probably squashed between the wall and whatever weird avatar pregnancy pillow you have purchased), your sleep debt is in triple digits and every time you leave the house it’s like packing for a long weekend vacay.

But aside from all this, you feel like you finally have this whole parenting thing down. You can leave the house without having a mini breakdown and are functioning on some semblance of a human level. Your tiny human may be Sleeping in some sort of weird unpredictable pattern and with the beginning of smiling you have a sense of joy whenever you look at their gorgeous face.

Then BAM… your cute mini human (that smiles at you constantly) is replaced with this little alien baby that has decided to now cry at anything and everything and pretty much feeds all day or not at all and that few hrs of sleep you were getting at night has been replaced with endless hours of crying, fussiness and all over unpleasantness.

Welcome to Sleep Regressions…. in terms of doom and gloom we are talking “winter is coming” GOT style.

But don’t stress, just like winter, this too shall pass and be replaced with spring.

In order to be make sure spring arrives keep in mind;

It’s going to be shit for while, arm yourself with all the tools you can to combat these phases, (yes there are more than one). Sleep regressions vary from child to child but as a rule are 4 months 8 months 12 months 18 months and 2 years.

Have support and a network around you, know that it is part of normal healthy early childhood development and it will not last forever, especially if you enlist the help of an expert.

Be consistent in what you do, your tiny human loves when you are predictable they just don’t like to be.

With the right guidance and understanding of childhood sleep, statistics state that regression can be cut by 80% with utilisation if proper routine, self sleep coaching and settling skills, you could be seeing your family sleeping all night long, instead of up all night.

I have had clients comment, that when we have intervened with our sleep solutions (early on)before a sleep regression period begins, they saw little to no change in their child’s sleeping and when there were changes they were that, their child was sleeping better than ever! That will continue through all later sleep regressions too .

Bottom line… in the case of Sleep Regression, prevention is key!

And we have a set of keys waiting for you! Unlock the path to sleeping sweet ???