Have you ever noticed that your little one sleeps better after swimming or any engagement with water (not including the bath).

Recently we have seen this in our family as our toddler has started and last week completed KASS Kids Aquatic Swim Survival- swimming. Now our kids sleep 7-7 but every afternoon  (KASS is 10 min every day for 6-8 weeks) Asher would be ready to crash at 6:30, like falling asleep in his dinner lol!


The burst of physical activity and stimulation of new motor skills completely tired him out! It was amazing to see. How 10 minutes can make such a difference!

If you are thinking of a fun little activity to add to play time, just add H2O!

10 minutes and now my son can survive in water if needed.

I really recommend the amazing Teachers and skills taught at KASS especially if you are near water. Sleep Sweet ??