Toilet Training And Sleep Tips For Parents

Is your little one at the stage where they’re learning to use the toilet? Maybe they’re waking up consistently dry through the night and you feel as though it’s time to help them through the next stage of their development. Wherever your child is at right now, toilet training is inevitable. So, here are a few helpful toilet training and sleep tips for parents.

Toilet training and sleep tips

💧 A good indication of when to begin toilet training is if your little one is consistently waking up dry after sleep. Remember: they’re not ready until they’re ready. Every child is different.

💧 There will be accidents. It’s going to take your little one a little while to master the art of recognising when they need to go.

💧 Be patient and encourage them with positivity rather than putting them down with negativity. If you invest in a good mattress protector; no harm done.

💧 Some children have trouble waking up to use the toilet through the night. It might help to gently wake them at a certain point and help get them into the habit if they’re having regular sleep time accidents.

💧 Waiting until the age of 2-3 years old is generally the best bet when it comes to successful toilet training for kids. If they’re not ready, it may be overly stressful for them (and for you) and can leave a negative impression.

As with any stage of development in children, it’s going to take time for them to learn. The most important tip to take away from this post is to stay calm and patient and encourage your little one…even when they mess up. They’re doing their best.

As always, sleep sweetly and deeply!

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