best summer sleepbags for newborns

Best Summer Sleepbags for Newborns

Yesterday we went over the top summer sleepsuits for toddlers, today we’re going to be looking at the best summer sleepbags for newborns! Check out the list below and let me know your thoughts. Do you have any other brands you love to put your little ones in throughout the hot summer months? These are my top 3…

Love To Dream Swaddle Up Sleepbag

The unique patented wing design of this bag allows your little one to sleep in the natural “arms up” position which lets them self-soothe if they want to. The 0.2 TPOG fabric is light and cool to suit the hot summer nights we experience her in Aus. The “hip healthy” design gives your newborn room to flex their hips and legs, promoting healthy development. This is a fabulous sleepbag option for newborns and it comes in a range of super cute colours and designs.

sleepbags for newborns

Check out this bag on the Love to Dream website here.

Grobag Swaddle Sleepbag

The design for the Grobag Swaddle Sleepbag has been based on the latest medical expertise to ensure it’s good for your newborn. It allows for two arm positions: in or out. Chin and zip guards are among the features to prevent any rubbing on baby’s sensitive skin. You can easily open a flap around the legs to make nappy changes super easy. Much like the Love to Dream sleepbag, this Grobag sleepbag also allows for the much-needed hip room so your baby can flex without obstruction.

grobag newborn sleepbag

Pick up your very own Grobag here.

Merino Kids Go Go Bag Sleepbag

This sleepbag has won international awards for its design that’s focused primarily on safety and comfort for babies. Only 100% natural fibres are found in this sleepbag (superfine merino wool and organic cotton). The merino wool allows your little one’s skin to breathe and helps regulate body temperature year-round, especially in the heat of summer. It’s machine washable and nickel-free. This bag, like the other mentioned above, removes the need for sheets or blankets, effectively reducing the risk of SIDS.

merino kis sleepbag

Visit the Merino Kids website here.

Sleepbags are always a personal preference so be sure to do your research before settling on the perfect one for your newborn. I hope you’re having a wonderful summer so far. As always, sleep sweet and deep lovelies! x

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