setting sleep goals with your toddler in 2021

Setting Sleep Goals With Your Toddler in 2021

We all know how strong-willed toddlers can be. Sometimes even just trying to get them to sleep at a particular time can turn into World War III. That’s where setting sleep goals comes into play. It’s the process of working with your toddler to come up with goals and planning a bedtime routine. This might just give you a better chance at a good night’s sleep for everyone involved. Here’s how to go about setting sleep goals with your toddler in 2021…

Limit technology at bedtime

Studies have shown that technology at bedtime can lead to a decrease in sleep, including in young children and toddlers. Set a time limit with your little one as to when they have to put down the technology, turn TV off until they head to bed and choose other activities for them to do at night until they set off to sleep. Reading, games and even talking as a family are great ways to spend the early evenings before bub is off to bed.

Introduce an incentive for sleep goals

An incentive doesn’t always have to be something over the top. It could be a simple star chart where your little one gets a sticker for each night they succeed in their bedtime goals. Maybe you could take a Saturday trip to the beach (with ice-cream included) if they reach all their goals through the week. An extra bedtime book if they reached their goal the night before might be perfect for the bookworm toddlers out there. As long as they don’t become dependent on their incentives and they’re not too OTT, incentives can be helpful with settling into important sleep skills.

Explain why sleep is so important

Toddlers understand a lot more than we give them credit for. A simple conversation could be the difference between your little one getting on board with setting sleep goals and turning their nose up at them. Showing them the benefit of bedtime through pictures, or an episode of their favourite show that explains it can also teach your little one about the importance of bedtime.

Now, 2021 isn’t just about setting sleep goals with our babies. It’s about coming out of a pretty crappy year into a new, hopefully better one. Let’s make the best of 2021 together!

As always, sleep sweetly and deeply x

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